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National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses

The NLCFN was established in 1999 to provide networking and support to nurses specialising in the care of people with lung cancer. Membership costs just £30 per year and is open to any specialist nurse who spends more than 50% of their working week or clinical activities in caring for patients with lung cancer. The organisation aims to support its members by:

  • Providing clinical support, sharing of knowledge and best practice for lung cancer nurse specialists
  • Supporting and encouraging lung cancer related research and audit
  • Encouraging and supporting professional development through our national conference, educational and regional programmes
  • Developing and sharing educational materials, publications and resources for lung cancer nurses specialists, patients and carers
  • Providing a voice for lung cancer nurse specialists on clinical and strategic issues associated with lung cancer and service delivery

If you or someone you care for has just been diagnosed with lung cancer then it's almost certain that you will have lots of questions that need answering. The information for patients contained in the public section of this site was provided by The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and can also be found in their booklet Lung Cancer - Answering your Questions information pack. Please remember that most healthcare professionals are only too happy to answer your questions and will welcome the opportunity to address any of your concerns. This website is not a substitute for professional advice.