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Conference Programme

Date and time Session title Speaker / Chair
1st November 0930 - 1030 Registration, Refreshments
and Exhibition

1st November 1030 - 1040 Introduction

Vanessa Beattie (Speaker)
1st November 1040 - 1205 Setting the scene: Building Hope in Challenging Times
Setting the scene - Lung cancer awareness and attitudes to lung cancer 1040 - 1110 Jesme Fox
Setting the scene - The National Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway 1110 - 11.40 David Baldwin
National Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway - The Manchester Experience 11.40 - 11.55 Richard Booton
Annual Workshop - NOLCP Project 11.55 - 12.05 Andrea McIver

Session Sponsor: AstraZeneca
Jesme Fox (Speaker)
David Baldwin (Speaker)
Richard Booton (Speaker)
Jackie Fenemore (Chair)
Jeanette Draffan (Chair)
Andrea McIver (Speaker)
1st November 1205 - 1250 A means to an endpoint: How to communicate clinical trial outcomes to NSCLC patients
Sponsored satellite symposium
More information
Lavinia Magee (Chair)
Lucinda Billingham (Speaker)
Janelle Yorke (Speaker)
1st November 1250 - 1350 Lunch
and Exhibition

1st November 1350 - 1420 Research Update
13.50 – 14.00 RIG Update Angela Tod
14.00 – 14.10 Implementing the National Optimal Lung Cancer Pathway at North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust, Jeanette Draffan
14.10 – 14.20 Staying connected: symptom assessment by mobile phone for patients with pleural mesothelioma Anne Arber

Angela Tod (Speaker)
Carol Davies (Chair)
Julia McAdam (Chair)
Jeanette Draffan (Speaker)
Anne Arber (Speaker)
1st November 1420 - 1515 Recent advances in radiotherapy

Clive Peedell (Speaker)
Jeanette Draffan (Chair)
Lucy Heycock (Chair)
1st November 1515 - 1545 Refreshments
and Exhibition

1st November 1545 - 1630 Debate on DS1500 – This house believes that DS1500 should not be used for every patient with stage IV lung cancer​
For: Rachel Thomas
Against: Natalie Doyle

Natalie Doyle (Speaker)
Rachel Thomas (Speaker)
Jackie Fenemore (Chair)
1st November 1630 - 1715 Desert Island Trials: How does science inform a career?
Sponsored satellite symposium

Martin Forster (Speaker)
Julia McAdam (Chair)
1st November 1930 - 2000 Drinks reception

1st November 2000 - 2359 Gala dinner

2nd November 0800 - 0900 Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing

2nd November 0900 - 0930 Annual General Meeting

2nd November 0930 - 1100 Mesothelioma UK Update
9.30 - Improving the quality of Mesothelioma services: the National Mesothelioma Audit and Service Specification - Professor Mick Peake
9.50 - Mesothelioma UK Update: What a Journey! Anne Moylan
10.10 - The Mesothelioma UK Armed Forces Project - Lisa Booth and Robert Lawton
10.25 - The Receiving A DIagnosis Of MESOthelioma study . RADIO MESO. Angela Tod and Bethany Taylor
10.45 - Mesothelioma Our Story. Alison and David Staley.

Lorraine Creech (Chair)
Anne Moylan (Speaker)
Michael Peake (Speaker)
Lisa Booth (Speaker)
Angela Tod (Speaker)
Liz Darlison (Chair)
David Staley (Speaker)
Bethany Taylor (Speaker)
Robert Lawton (Speaker)
2nd November 1100 - 1130 Refreshments
and Exhibition

2nd November 1130 - 1215 Rarer tumours
1. Neuroendocrine tumours
2. Thymoma

Catherine Bouvier (Speaker)
Lavinia Magee (Chair)
Rachel Thomas (Chair)
Tim Benepal (Speaker)
2nd November 1215 - 1300 Service Development
1215-1223 The INSIGHT Project, Jackie Fenemore
1223-1231 The impact of the lung cancer nurse specialist in facilitating a rapid access lung cancer clinic with remote access to the specialist clinician, Sarah Morgan
1231-1239 Multi-Centred, prospective, three-month audit to identify the number of primary lung cancer patients, readmitted to hospital following surgery within 30 days of discharge, Amy Kerr
1239-1247 Nurse led Management of Patients with Pleural Effusions, Natalie Barnett
247-1255 Transforming Care After treatment - NHS Lanarkshire's Lung Cancer Project, Pamela Rose
1255-1300 Questions

Amy Kerr (Speaker)
Jackie Fenemore (Speaker)
Natalie Barnett (Speaker)
Pamela Rose (Speaker)
Sarah Morgan (Speaker)
Karen Clayton (Chair)
Sandra Wakelin (Chair)
2nd November 1300 - 1400 Lunch
and Exhibition

2nd November 1400 - 1445 Immune checkpoint inhibition untreated metastatic NSCLC – Optimising patient identification and selection
Sponsored satellite symposium
Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited

Alastair Greystoke (Speaker)
Jeanette Draffan (Speaker)
Jeanette Draffan (Chair)
2nd November 1445 - 1630 Emotional well being: the patient and me
Emotional well being: the patient and me - Ann Burgoyne 14.45 - 15.30
Looking after yourself and others - inspiration and motivation - Drew Povey 15.30 - 16.25
Conference close - Vanessa Beattie 16.25 - 16.30

Ann Burgoyne (Speaker)
Vanessa Beattie (Chair)
Karen Clayton (Chair)
Drew Povey (Speaker)