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Simpson Millar Solicitors

Sponsor Level: Silver

Simpson Millar’s asbestos team is diverse with the ability to form exceptional bonds with this most vulnerable and deserving set of clients. Mostly coming from legal aid/trade union and CAB backgrounds we truly understand that the most important aspect for the individual diagnosed with mesothelioma is not always involvement in a legal case, with added worry and stress in their last few years or months of life. We understand that this time is sacrosanct for them and their families. With this in mind we always look at other ways to reach out and make a difference and take great care to properly manage expectations and never leave behind those who will not have a viable civil claim. For those who want to go to Court to set a precedent on something precious to them, such as recovery of charitable costs for support group help received, then this is something we are always willing to support. With the firm’s 150 years of trading and leading the way in many campaigns for better working conditions for workers, our leanings are naturally with them every time.