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Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation focus on three areas: research, information & support, and prevention. Lung cancer receives significantly less funding than many other cancers, so our grants to fund research projects are essential if we are to EXPECT BETTER survival rates. We provide support to lung cancer patients and their families in several ways. We provide information and we campaign to improve public perception and understanding of lung cancer. We should all EXPECT BETTER attitudes. We provide a support network which helps patients and carers share their experiences. We give patients a voice, helping them to speak up and challenge the stigma surrounding lung cancer. Finally, prevention is key to what we do, as the best way to beat lung cancer is stop it ever happening. We work tirelessly to help people reduce their risk of developing lung cancer. We campaigned against smoking in public places, and now educate young people with our innovative Cut Films Project. This way, we can EXPECT BETTER outcomes.