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Leah Taylor

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Leah Taylor is a Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialist based in Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. After qualifying in 1996 Leah worked in general medicine, palliative care and medical education. Leah started working as a lung cancer nurse specialist in 2006 and went on to become Lead Lung Cancer Nurse in the Trust for 7 years. In 2015 Leah was appointed as the 8th mesothelioma nurse specialist nationally and has worked in this role since. Leah’s role covers the north east of England and she is keyworker for patients within her own Trust. Leah provides expert clinical advice to patients and families across the region and supports healthcare teams to manage the patient pathway and access trials and alternative treatments. Leah’s role also involves support groups, raising awareness of mesothelioma, education and fundraising. In addition to her role as CNS Leah is also a Mesothelioma UK CNS Team Leader covering North East, North Yorkshire and Scotland. Leah has an interest in genomic medicine and has undertaken further study in this area.