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13th NLCFN Annual Award

The NLCFN invites applications for the 2019 Annual Award. This is a fantastic opportunity for current NLCFN members to showcase a project or initiative they have been involved with. The project should relate to the care of patients with lung cancer/mesothelioma and/or their carers and to the role of the lung cancer nurse specialist.

Open to all current members of the NLCFN the NLCFN Annual Award is £1,500 and exists to recognize and celebrate the achievements of NLCFN members.

Members are invited to submit a proposal outlining a project or initiative devised by individuals or as a team, describing how this has affected patient care and outcomes.

Application criteria

The project must be related to the care of patients with lung cancer/mesothelioma and/or their carers and an aspect of service delivery related to the role of the lung cancer nurse specialist.

The project or initiative must fit into any the following criteria

  • Completed project within the last 12 months
  • Current project
  • Proposal or development of a project


  • The applicant must be a current member of the NLCFN.
  • The £1,500 award will be valid for 12 months from presentation. The award funds may be used to present the project work, attend study days to share the project, provide money to support ongoing project or for costs to initiate a project or initiative
  • The award funds may also be used to support registration fees, travel, accommodation costs to relevant conference(s), study days/courses or for educational books/literature or IT equipment such as an IPAD to assist with interaction with patients.
  • The award funds will be held by the NLCFN and the winner of the Award will need to apply to the NLCFN to release the funds. Funds will be released upon completion of a claim form submitted with supporting evidence (e.g. receipts, quotations etc.)
  • Award funds remaining at the end of the 12 months will be released into NLCFN funds unless permission is granted to hold the funds over for a further 12 months.
  • All submitted entries will be judged by the NLCFN committee and the decision will be final.
  • The winner of the award will be announced at the NLCFN Annual Conference 2017.
  • The award winner will agree to present an update/overview of the initiative and what the award was used for at the Annual Conference 2018
  • The successful applicant will write an article about the project for publication in the NLCFN newsletter.
  • Apply Now.   All applications must be received by 27th September 2019.  


Entries will be anonymised and forwarded to the NLCFN committee for judging.