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Call for new trial centres - Adele

New – call for new trial centres -   Royal Brompton Hospital – Dr Eric Lim

With the assistance of the North West Surgical Trials Centre, we are designing a multi-centre randomized trial to compare ADaptive dEtaiLEd versus standard imaging follow up (ADELE) after lung cancer surgery. Currently, we are planning for 2,800 patients to be randomized and the primary outcome is overall survival at 5 years. We plan to include any patient who received complete resection for non-small lung cancer with pathologic stage IA to IIIB and exclude patients with incomplete resection or pathologic stage IV disease.

We hope that your centre may be interested in participating and in order to help us refine the design and estimate the costs of the study, we would be grateful if you could complete and return the site survey form available HERE  to Gemma Nanson either by email ( or via fax (0151 794 8974) 

Start and End Dates: 
Tuesday, 26 August, 2014 to Monday, 29 September, 2014