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Creating a business case for LCNS role

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Guide to Creating a Business Case for a Lung Cancer Specialist Role

Lung cancer nurse specialists (LCNSs) play a hugely important role in delivering safe, effective and patient-centred care for people with lung cancer. There is evidence to suggest that LCNSs can contribute to cost-savings for the NHS – LCNSs have been shown to represent good value for money by reducing the number of emergency admissions, the length of hospital stay, the number of follow-up appointments, the number of medical consultations and providing support to enable people to be cared for and die in their place of choice.   Despite this, we know that it is often an uphill battle to make the case for commissioning an LCNS role. This guide to developing a business case for an LCNS role will give you the tools you need to build your case. It includes guidance on how to structure your business case, as well as some of the background information you will need to make a strong business case.  

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