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NLCFN Small Grants Scheme

National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses Research Interest Group

Small Research/Evaluation Grants Scheme 2019

Exclusive to UK NLCFN full members only

The NLCFN is delighted to announce funding for one - two small projects up to a total value of £5,000 per application 

Projects should generate research, evaluation or audit data that inform the practice of Forum members.

Applicants should demonstrate that their project meets some or all of the following criteria.

  • Good scientific quality and rigour
  • The ability to inform practice
  • The potential to lead to future research/evaluation that could be funded through an external funding stream e.g. a pilot study that could form the basis of a larger study
  • The ability develop research/evaluation capacity of NLCFN applicant  member
  • The potential to develop an ongoing academic partnership
  • The ability to address one of the research priority areas identified by the NLCFN Research Interest Group.

Projects are expected to be completed within 18 months of the funding announcement and funds expended within 2 years of the announcement.  Surplus funds not expended within 2 years will be retained by NLCFN and used for charitable purposes.



Research Priorities 

  • Lifestyle and rehabilitation interventions.
  • Care for patients after active treatment.
  • Lung cancer in the elderly.
  • Long term effects (psychosocial, late effects) on quality of life after concurrent chemo/radiotherapy.
  • Psychosocial impact of egfr and targeted therapy.
  • Impact of the Lung cancer CNS on quality and safety of care and patient experience.
  • Holistic needs assessment.

Applications will be judged by a panel including the Chair of the NLCFN Committee, Chair of the Research Interest Group (Professor Janelle Yorke), and other members of the committee.

For further information or questions about the small grants scheme please contact Professor Yorke via our office at